13 Powerful Stats that Prove Why You Should Attend a Telecom Industry Event

Too many telecom company executives are put off by the idea of attending a telecommunications industry event because of the costs involved. However, like with other marketing tactics, visiting a telecom event can be a very profitable choice for you if you have the right strategy.

Here are some powerful statistics that speak to the benefit of attending telecom industry trade shows.

  1. 92% of trade show attendees make the effort to go to the telecom industry events to learn about what’s new in products and services.

If this many people are convinced that their time will be well spent by attending a telecom event, don’t you think it will be just as rewarding for you as well?


  1. 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy.

Telecom events are the place to meet all the right stakeholders in the industry in one place. It doesn’t get any better than that.


  1. The average event uses 5 promotional methods to publicize the event.

This means that if you attend a specific telecom event, you will be exposing your company to a much wider audience through the promotional activities of event organizers and other attendees.


  1. Over 50% of trade show attendees are there for the first time.

Since new players continue to emerge every year, attending a telecom event is the best place to meet the new players in the industry and stay on top of the trends.


  1. 70% of attendees go to trade shows to strengthen relationships or partnerships.

Face-to-face communication during the longer meeting times for smaller telecom events are the ideal way to cultivate meaningful business relationships. Even lunch or coffee breaks provide for the perfect opportunity to mix and mingle and make new friends.




  1.  79% of brands say they will organize more events and experiential marketing programs this year as compared to last year.

More and more businesses are recognizing the vitality of telecom events as a means of staying current and driving their company forward. It is no wonder, then, that an increasing number of them are allocating more money from their marketing budgets to this very cause.


  1. 84% of trade show attendees have the power to recommend or make final purchasing decisions.

Telecom events are the gathering place of industry influencers. Attending one is your only way of getting all the inside scoop and meeting all the right people.


  1. 46% of executive decision makers made purchase decisions while attending a trade show.

At telecom shows, you will be meeting the decision makers of the industry. It will definitely save you the hassle of going through a chain of employees before you are able to speak to a decision maker of a specific company that you are interested in.


  1.  77% of B2B marketers use industry events as part of their content marketing strategies.

Aside from benefitting you and your business in the abovementioned ways, attending telecom events gives you plenty of fresh, inspiring material to use as part of your content marketing strategy. Be it new ideas for blog posts, being mentioned in other companies’ press releases, etc. – it’s an excellent way to add to your own marketing content marketing strategy.


  1.  65% of brands say that their event attendance is directly related to sales.

You don’t need much more convincing than this. Attending a telecom event is more than likely to affect your sales in a positive way.


  1. 74% of event attendees say that they have a more positive opinion about a company, brand, product, or service being promoted after the event.

If you want your telecom company to project a trustworthy and modern image, attending an event is the way to go.


  1. 76% of industry influencers asked for a price quotation at the last show they attended.

Yet another statistic that proves that attending a telecom event will help you attract more credible leads and close more sales deals. What more could you ask for?


  1. 45% of attendees visit only one industry event per year.

This shows that you only have that one chance to meet a good chunk (almost half) of important industry players. Don’t miss it.


Wrapping up

As you can see, trade shows are too lucrative of an opportunity to pass up when it comes to benefiting your business.

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